She Objects
Dir: Nicola Fan
Cast: -
58 mins | In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles

* Director will attend Q&A both screenings.

Every day, we are bombarded with mainstream media that objectifies women, glorifies thinness and portrays women in stereotypical roles. Given this generation’s mass consumption of social media, it can be difficult to distinguish airbrushed fantasy from reality. Featuring engaging insights from celebrities including singer-writer-actress Joyce Cheng and real-life stories, the documentary looks into the correlation between the media’s portrayal of women and eating disorders and self-esteem issues for girls and violence against women. Commissioned by The Women’s Foundation, in partnership with Women Helping Women, and directed by 27-year old Nicola Fan, She Objects is the first documentary of its kind in Hong Kong to explore how traditional and new forms of media create and exacerbate gender stereotypes with often damaging consequences.

Director Bio
Nicola Fan is a Hong Kong-based graphic designer and filmmaker. She directs/produces music videos, documentaries and shorts, which are featured in different media and film festivals. Her music video "The Eve" was screened at Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, Berlin Independent Film Festival, Incubator for Film/Visual Media in Asia and more. Fan graduated from Rhode Island School of Design where she developed her passion for communication design and storytelling through moving images.

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