The Free World
Dir: Jason Lew
Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Elizabeth Moss
100 mins | In English with Chinese subtitles

* Director will attend Q&A after 25/9 screening.

Mo Lundy (Boyd Holbrook) is a man attempting to move past a brutal two-decade stint in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He spends his days caring for abused animals at a shelter while trying in vain to reintegrate into a world that feels utterly foreign to him. A chance encounter with Doris (Elizabeth Moss), an enigmatic kindred spirit equally scarred by violence, lands him in a situation where choosing to do the right thing means risking his hard-won freedom and his life. 

Director Bio
Jason Lew is a Los-Angeles-based Chinese American writer and director. Originally from a small town in Maine, Lew spent years establishing himself in New York’s theatre scene before moving to Los Angeles, where his first screenplay, Restless, was directed by Gus Van Sant. His writing/directing debut, The Free World, explores some of his obsessions: outsiderism, violence, and the bonds that tie us together.

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