Short Film Competition Award-Winning Shorts

Organized by Sundance Institute and The Metroplex, Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong Short Film Competition is entering its third edition. Like the previous two years, this year’s competition saw many exciting submissions from local filmmakers eager to show off their amazing talent. Earlier this year, director Jun Ho presented her jury award winner, Eye Bags, at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival in Utah, where she met international audiences and fellow filmmakers from around the world.

This year's submissions continue to display the diversity and creativity of local content creators, with shorts ranging from heartfelt dramas and ambitious documentaries to richly imaginative animations. Check out a selection of shorts chosen by our jury panel from the U.S. and Hong Kong at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong and show your support for local independent filmmakers! 

Official lineup will be announced at the Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong Opening Party on September 20, followed by the Short Film Competition Awards Ceremony.  

Please stay tuned at this website for more updates.

  • 23.9
Albatross Soup

Dir: Winnie Cheung
7 mins | In English with Chinese Subtitles 

Albatross Soup is an animated short hybrid documentary film based on an entertaining yet disturbing lateral thinking puzzle. Over 50 people have been recorded trying to guess this riddle using only "yes" or "no" questions. The film is a visual representation of the riddle unraveling as we hear a rapid fire kaleidoscopic soundscape of questions from each participant.

Free Diving in the Pool

Dir: Tenny Choi
15 mins | In Mandarin with Chinese & English Subtitles

You-Zhi grows up at a single parent family. She is at her puberty. She wants a new padded swimsuit for her swimming class, but she is hesitant to ask her father about it. One day after class, she has her first period, as well as the first taste of youth...


Dir: Wen Yan Chen, Siu Ling Lam, Mei Yuk Yeung
11 mins | In Cantonese with Chinese & English Subtitles 

Before Lunar New Year, 94-year-old grandma was hospitalized for heart failure. After being discharged, family was worried if it impairs her self-care ability. However, she has been gradually restoring her vitality. Day by day, can we eventually reveal the art of life and death?

I Draw Inside A Sheep

Dir: Kaki Wong
14 mins | In English with Chinese & English Subtitles

With the white sun rises during midnight, a girl is searching this young man who constantly appeared in her dreams. The problem is, she never knows how he looks like. She decides to follow the sheep she meets during her journey. The sheep slowly leads her way to this young man…...

Kin's Hair

Dir: Bailey Chan, Swan Chang, Joanne Wong
6 mins | In Cantonese with Chinese & English Subtitles 

By using Kin's baldness problem to show Hong Kong past 20 years' memorable events. At the end, Kin forgives his precious last hair, which referring time flies fast.


Jury Award

Dir: Aggie Lee 
4 mins | No Dialogue 

In an Art Museum, we better learn well, from outer to inner, from deep to its deepest, seriously and sincerely.

My World

Dir: Jun Li
13 mins | In Cantonese with Chinese & English Subtitles 

Revolt is youth. The story centres around a teacher's pet who strives his best only to become the eternal runner-up, and a pair of intelligent but diametrically different step-siblings. During the transition to the new academic structure for senior secondary education, the challenge the limits of sex.


Dir: Fala Chen
9 mins | In Putonghua & Cantonese with Chinese & English Subtitles 

A homeless woman wakes up on a pedestrian bridge. A young man shows up and asks whether she has a home. Thus, it triggers a series of memories in the woman's past with her father and husband. Are any of her 'past' real? Or are they hallucinations appeared moments before she dies?


Dir: Hoi Wong 
8 mins | In Cantonese with Chinese & English Subtitles 

New body guard Chow feels puzzled by a strange woman who shrugs her shoulders, shakes her head and smiles at him. He asks his colleague Mak, but both cannot figure out why. Mak finally knows the real meanings of her act when he was shot at an accident.