Dolby Institute Master Class


Sound is Important! How Sound Design can Help You Tell Your Story

A Case Study on "Honey Boy"



21 SEP (Sat) 15:00-16:30 | Conducted in English | $90

Sound design is as important to indie movies as to studio tentpoles. An imaginative sound design and great music can transport audience and build the world outside the frame. Dolby Atmos creates a fully immersive three-dimensional aural experience and delivers even the subtlest sound with breathtaking clarity, detail and depth.

"The Dolby Family Fellowship allows us to push our storytelling to the next level." said Honey Boy filmmaker Alma Har'el, winner of the Fellowship. The Master Class will be moderated by Glenn Kiser, Director of Dolby Institute. During the Class, Glenn will show clips of Honey Boy and Sound Fellowship winning short film, and talk about how sound and music play a part in storytelling.

Honey Boy Screening Schedule

19/9 (Thu) 21:00
21/9 (Sat) 12:30
28/9 (Sat) 21:30

Moderator :  Glenn Kiser (Director of Dolby Institute)

Glenn Kiser is Director of the Dolby® Institute, an initiative to educate and inspire filmmakers and content creators about the creative use of sound and image in storytelling.

From 1999 to 2010, Glenn ran Lucasfilm's Skywalker Sound, where artists gathered 14 Academy Award® nominations for their work on movies including AvatarWall-EThe Social Network, and the Star Wars prequels. Before joining Skywalker, Glenn was a postproduction executive at Propaganda Films, where he worked with directors including David Fincher, Spike Jonze, Jane Campion, and Neil LaBute.